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Fixed Stud Tensioner

AUTO-TENSION™ Hydraulic Stud Tensioner

The Quick, Safe, and Accurate Tool for Simultaneous Loading of Multiple Threaded Studs & Bolts!

  • Available in fixed models
  • Self-lubricating seals provide unlimited shelf life
  • Operating temperatures range from -400 to +500 degrees fahrenheit
  • Operating pressure up to 30,000 psi
  • Low coefficient of friction (0.04)
  • Spring-energized seals mean permanent elasticity
  • Compact and lightweight
Item #Bolt
Initial Load
HeightBridge A/SLoad
Cell OD
F0123/4 M1843472 lbs6.13 in2.60 in2.20 in
F0147/8 M2254736 lbs6.25 in2.60 in2.47 in
F1001 M2463360 lbs6.38 in2.60 in2.76 in
F1021 1/8 M2786086 lbs6.63 in3.05 in3.20 in
F1041 1/4 M30/33107008 lbs6.75 in3.15 in3.48 in
F1061 3/8 M36120186 lbs6.88 in3.43 in3.84 in
F1081 1/2 M39139480 lbs7.00 in3.50 in4.15 in
F1101 5/8 M42182050 lbs7.25 in3.75 in4.58 in
F1121 3/4 M45230230 lbs7.38 in4.33 in5.05 in
F1141 7/8 M48234674 lbs7.50 in4.52 in5.24 in
F2002 M52286176 lbs7.63 in4.97 in5.66 in
F2042 1/4 M60287452 lbs7.98 in5.00 in6.30 in
F2082 1/2 M64324632 lbs8.11 in5.60 in6.81 in
F2122 3/4 M72401214 lbs8.68 in6.25 in7.40 in
F3003 M76507584 lbs8.68 in6.37 in8.06 in
F3043 1/4 M85561638 lbs9.75 in6.85 in8.71 in
F3083 1/2 M90690976 lbs10.38 in6.86 in9.43 in
F3123 3/4 M95823790 lbs10.44 in6.86 in10.1 in
F4004 M100922086 lbs10.62 in8.75 in10.5 in
F4044 1/4 M108922900 lbs10.62 in9.25 in11.00 in